Wkwkwk dia bukan kasir anjir :v

Haha gua lgsng bisikin aja meskipun dia pake HF wkwkw

Asikkkkklah rejeki nomplok gaseh woy ah

🏆 ASIA ARTIST AWARD 🏆 ⏰ Sep 25 - 11:00 PM KST Rank 1. BTS : 1,489,490 (14.7%) 2. E : 1,265,995 (12.5%) Gap: +223,495 ↗️ VOTE NOW : Increase our rates! Vote 5x per account per day. #PCAs #TheGroup #BTS @BTS _twt

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amas voting has just now begun. it’s the first time they get nominated for one so let’s do our best to help them win. to vote you’d need to use the #AMAs hashtag, tag @BTS _twt and type “favorite social artist“. rts count too.

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We can now vote for the #PCAs 😊 #TheGroup #BTS @BTS _twt

VOTE NOW ARMY 12 Ekim de bitiyor. Her güne 5 oy veriliyor.…

VOTE NOW ARMY 12 ekimde bitiyor ARMY her gün 5 oy hakkı var.…

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⏰ 9 HOURS LEFT TO VOTE Vote for SINGULARITY as a non title track that deserves more recognition. Rank + Gap 1. #BTS ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠: 39.3% 2. E : 38.6% : +0.7% VOTE NOW : #MPN #BTSARMY @BTS _twt