JUST IN: Dems call on Missouri governor to resign over felony charge in naked photo blackmail scandal

Can't believe it's already Friday and 5 more days to the end of February. March means Encore Concert, DAY6 Japan Release, Cherry Blossom Scandal , whatever plan which Studio K approves for Jae, whatever project we're going to witness for DAY6. A month to look forward to.

I did some research on JTBC and they played a huge role in revealing the truth about the presidential scandal and the Sewol tragedy. BaekHyun’s live call as part of the morning news is a HUGE honor. #EXOL #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @weareoneEXO

Guess who made the NBC Nightly News? Missouri Governor Greitens arrested for blackmail in sex scandal .

What a shock - ANOTHER #Republican involved in a scandal who talked about restoring dignity to Jeff City during his campaign! Another BS theme from a BS #GOP politician! When are Republican voters going to wake up and realize they are being used?…

Fantastic stuff on bbcqt#. Watch & enjoy Camilla Tominey’s withering barrage at the hypocrisy of Labour & their ludicrous outrage over the Corbyn spy scandal . Way to go Camilla!

DEEP STATE SCANDAL => Robert Mueller STILL Relying on Hillary-Funded Phony Dossier as "Road Map" For Russia Witch Hunt. How else can the Clinton owned hatchet-man justify wasting millions of taxpayers money on an absolute HOAX investigation…

.@JudicialWatch: Mueller FBI implicated in Obama IRS scandal . How can we trust him to uncover Obama FBI/DOJ abuses targeting @RealDonaldTrump.…

BREAKING: Both Labor and Greens Parties have complained that the Beetrooter scandal has affected their campaigning in the Batman by-election. A joint communique states "Both parties' members are laughing too hard. It's affecting their concentration". #auspol

The media continually ask all the wrong questions regarding the Barnaby Joyce scandal . There is a concerted effort to avoid the 3 other politicians embroiled in the scandal . The stories we've been given just don't make sense. #9Today #auspol

#ScandalFam forever 🙌🏻❤️ #Scandal @ScandalABC

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Even CNN:… #GoCanadaGo

Imagine if Donald Trump was in numerous photos with a Russian convicted of attempted murder on American soil. The media would be covering it endlessly. Why should the real situation of Trudeau being in numerous photos with a Khalistani extremist be any different? Huge scandal .

#Scandal ve #HowtogetAwayWithMurder'ın crossoverıyla ilgili bilinen her şey burada.…

Get ready for the most epic night in #TGIT history! ONE. MORE. WEEK. #TGITCrossover #Scandal

But Romeo uyaphapha yaz #Scandal

Sektorde cinsel taciz uzerine ciddi mucadele veren birinin konu uzerine yazısı:…