Windrush scandal 'tip of iceberg' as other Commonwealth citizens targeted by hostile policies | The Independent…

JUST ASKING: On a serious note, is the contraband sugar story real or it is simply some panadol for kenyans to forget about the uffffffff Mega scandals that have rocked us of late?

La Serna has an end of the school year scandal every 4 years lol they're consistent like the World Cup👀

There will be scandals leaking out in the months to come. The country, as a whole, will be embarassed, the children will be traumatized, and a bit of Democracy's Promise will be lost.. EVERY lib & dem must vote in November. Every recent grad needs to get involved in politics...

Not forgetting the racism that Lisa has faced Solely because she was from Thailand. Rosé having to leave her country and family. Jennie facing a false bullying scandal and disapproving parents pre debut. And Jisoo who had to work tremendously hard to even get in the debut line...

Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher wants to stop the next data scandal – CNET SM Workshop NYC June 19 Register:

Donald Trump is desensitizing us to fraud, bigotry, racism, and scandal . Every day, remind yourself: This is not normal. It's wrong.

Y’all can figure out twitter scandals with ease without a single clue, but when it come to your own lives y’all clueless

I want to remind everyone about the scandal that was the editors CENSORING AINYA'S MIMIKYU PLUSH

This is so heartbreaking..People often overlook his mental illness to talk about stupid scandals . Bipolar disorder can ruin a life if not treated properly so thank god Taehyun left to get help.

Scandal 'ı Disney'den satın almanız gerektiği bilgisiyle Mickey ve Minnie kullandığınıza inanıyor, ben de hissedar olacağımı açıklıyorum. Halka arz tarihini bekliyoruz efem :)

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There are, apparently, an infinite number of Trump administration scandals that would be, single-handedly, the biggest scandal of Obama's 8 years in office.

Scandal 'ı da almadılar zaten.. O kadar da dua ediyorum çok başarılı olsunlar, bok gibi para kazansınnar, bütüüüüüün ama dizilerin haklarını alsınnar die. etmiicem artık ^^

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Verizon says it plans to terminate all real time customer location-data sharing agreements, following a series of scandals last month involving third party companies selling or leaking this information on most Americans. The other carriers? Not so much.…

I am convinced that one of the greatest scandals in the Church is the way Christians treat each other. Quite literally, this behavior (especially online) can be a serious stumbling block to people who desire to enter our faith community.

It’s officially been 1 year since T-ARA’s first win after the scandal ! Congrats T-ARA!

Erik Prince. Halliburton scandals . John Bolton. Tax cuts ballooning the deficit. Donald Trump likes to criticize the Bush-Cheney era, but it sure seems like he’s trying to re-create it.

Tory UK Gov refused to devolve to @CrownEstateScot the @TheCrownEstate share in Fort Kinnaird Retail Park in Edinburgh - now we know why - just sold for £167.3m. Scotland presumably not getting a penny despite Scottish asset. Absolute scandal . A huge sum.