Ron darling is good and I like Ek too. Gotta love the shut up old man tweets.

Do not look directly at Ron Darling ’s eyes!

Ron Darling , 1/3 of GKR and member of the 86 World Series Mets!…

My son’s baseball card box includes this gem. It’s a Ron Darling card from the 1984 Topps Traded series. Forgot that he wore 44 when he first came up with the Mets.

Break out the brooms! Another wonderful weekend in New York: great Italian food, sweeping the Mets, and telling Ron Darling to shove it!

Maybe should've put Ron darling to start the game. Smh. What a mess

I have hit the point with Ron Darling where I no longer want him in the booth. He is too grumpy and angry and it is unbearable. @SNYtv

It's been something to watch Ron Darling 's transition into cranky old man

Husband: "Who is this drunk-sounding guy on the MLBNetwork broadcast?" "Do you mean Ron Darling ?" Husband: "What is with Ron's obvious Mets bias?? Annoying." Me:

“And the Mets get off to a horrible start” - Ron Darling Ugh

Ron Darling looks like Harry Potter with those specks

Sign Ron Darling from SNY to a 1 day contract! He can take a personal day.

Can we ask Ron Darling to come out of retirement?

Ron Darling

Can ron darling still pitch?

Ron Darling definitely took a shot at Syndergaard and Harvey just now while praising deGrom! #Mets

Ron Darling on DeGrom's philosophy -- Keep It Simple Stupid #Mets @SNYtv

🎵 I woke up in Ron Darling ’s body 🎵 See what happens when @RonDarlingJr and @keithhernandez switch bodies for a day. 😂 Full 📽️:

Hey I think I see Ron Darling . Fuck you Ron Darling !

Mets score four runs in a game for the first time since June 1, according to @SNYtv. Tremendous line from Ron Darling : "I didn't know we had a 4." It's been that kind of stretch. @MetsBooth