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Saturday its 5trey_ NIGEL BRADHAM Football Camp 🏈🏈 Wakulla HIGHSCHOOL 11:30 to 2pm…

Can’t get over how good Nigel Bradham was for the #Eagles last season. Jordan Hicks went down and the LBing core didn’t miss a beat. Dude was a STUD.

You named Stephen Tulloch as your linebacker for the @Eagles when he was never a starter in philly and hasn't been on the roster since 2016. Should have been Nigel Bradham . Please figure your shit out.

Reppin’ the birds at FSU🍢🏈 #nigelbradham _13 #realronalddarby #tjernigan8

Cowboys:Travis Fredrick Redskins: Josh Norman (maybe him and Odell can be friends) Eagles: Nigel bradham

NFL Top 10 4-3 Outside Baskets 1.Sean Lee 2.Anthony Barr 3.Lavante David 4.Telvin Smith 5.Thomas Davis 6.KJ Wright 7.Nigel Bradham 8.Shaq Thompson 9.Myles Jack 10.Lorenzo Alexander

I really don’t think Nigel Bradham was a genius so I’m straight 😂

@AdamSchefter Next Up: Nigel Bradham

I went back and broke down what was in my opinion, Nigel Bradham 's finest game of the #Eagles Super Bowl winning campaign. Check it out here!…

Most underrated player , Nigel Bradham : Nigel in my opinion is the #Eagles best LB on the team. He’s more consistent and reliable than Hicks is. Everyone looks at Hicks being our ⭐️ LB but Bradham shapes the toughness of this defense. He’s definitely worth the $ we paid him!

What’s Nigel Bradham ’s

Nigel Bradham on Philly’s First Super Bowl Rings & Building a Legacy | Eagles Press Conference – Philadelphia Video…

Madden really disrespecting Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz, Brandon Brooks, and Nigel Bradham here... #underdogs…

Most underrated player , Nigel Bradham : Everyone looks at our ⭐️ LB to be Jordan Hicks but Nigel has been perfect for us ever since we signed him. He’s a consistent/physical LB who is definitely worth the $ we paid him. This man needs more credit than he gets.

@NigelBradham _13 just wanted to thank you for showing us love and wish you a happy Father's Day hopefully he'll grow up one day to be as great of an eagle as you LOL but he's adorable much love from @EaglesNest365