MEET THE NEW NATS 2018: It's '02 C George Diaco (@George_diaco) #LdnOnt

Scottish nationalists have turned Bannockburn into their battle. No-one else can commemorate it. Well done dearest Nats . Pro UK Scots no longer have a Scottish history & we share nothing with you whatsoever not even a country

A4: Simple matrix to guide us about depression #jobadvicesa

A2: Using the services of a Life/Executive Coach can work wonders. I know that my time with a coach helped to work through the myriad of things called "Life", prioritising and then developing a plan that put me first #jobadvicesa

A4: According to SADAG, Employers should explore creative ways to support an employee’s recovery, like flexible/adjusted working hours or working from home for a while. #jobadvicesa

Learn to delegate. Even as a leader/manager/business owner, you don't have to do everything. Take the time to teach someone else so that you can hand things over in confidence to reduce workload #burnout #jobadvicesa

For another week, Trea Turner tops all NL shortstops in WAR at +2.4. To quote Daniel Murphy, "Do you go to Fangraphs at all?" ⚾️🔥Get out and vote for Trea Turner as your shortstop for the All-Star game.…

Learn to say NO! This is the single most important piece of advice I can share to avoid #burnout. Sadly, the willing horse gets easily overloaded and its only when it drops down dead that others realise they expected too much #jobadvicesa

As someone who was near burnout, I can 100% say that its critical to seek advice as soon as you start feeling like things are out of control. If you're too busy to stop, your body often will stop you in your tracks with health challenges #jobadvicesa

Harcanıp giden bir ömrün ağrısıdır bu. Beklediğim yok, bekleyenim yok. Gidenim var gidemediğim var..

A very happy 80th birthday to @manairport from everyone at NATS . Happy flying! #avgeek ✈️🎂

#ignorethebadgrammar #3amthoughts #itsokaytowantlove #ihavemoretosay #sorryifyoudontunderstand Truth is...

The #Nats come back strong with an inspiring team effort. 🔥🔥🔥@Buster_ESPN @Nationals

Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy and Michael A. Taylor each get three hits as the #Nats score six unanswered runs to comeback to beat the Phillies 8-6. Harper: 3-5, 3 2B, RBI Murphy: 3-4, BB, 2 RBI Taylor: 3-5, 2 RBI, SB (23) Rendon: 2-5, HR (9), 2 RBI Turner: 2-5, RBI, SB (21)


Not able to listen to ESPN audio tonight. Can I guess the topics, generally? Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper. Nats in 3rd place, what's wrong? Bryce Harper. Yankees. Strasburg is hurt again, followed by 2012 shutdown. Juan Soto is SO YOUNG AND GOOD. Bryce Harper.

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Hocam tv’yi kapattık korna silah seslerini dinliyoruz ne yazık ki..

fresh #Ipsos poll 👉🏻today👈🏻 June 24th two-party preferred ALP 📈 53 Libs/Nats 📉 47 if an election was being held👇🏻 Labor 🗳 87 (+18) seats Coalition 🗳 59 (-17) seats others 🗳 5 seats #AusPol