Joyce’s $28m Regional Investment Corp Porkbarrel in Orange (where they lost the State seat)wasn’t enough to hold Andrew Gee’s (local member) vote in the Nats Party Room! #auspol #releasetheagreement

[📷] Yasmine @ Belly Up. cr: coreymercer on ig Nats 🌹

[📷] Krewella @ Crystal Ballroom. cr: jakesouthardvisuals on ig Nats 🌹

Liberals fighting Nats .. Nats fighting liberals shit look Abbott in the middle.. wow! Abbott just smacked Morrison.. Wow it's on #auspol #BarnabyJoyce

Coming up at 5:50 @ABC7Erin live from Nats Spring training! Meet some of @Bharper3407's smallest fans! On @ABC7Sports

I like how although the Federal Nats deputy is a woman and she is therefore the person who should replace Barnaby, the role of who is touted to replace Barnaby in the media are men only.

I understand Nationals MP @DaveGillespieMP has indicated to colleagues he would put his hand up for the Nats leadership if @Barnaby_Joyce resigns. @politicsabc @abcnews #auspol

Lol. You didn't need it anyways @noemixrivera Crushing TOC, NIETOC and NATS will be more than enough

Is that blood on the floor of the Nats party room floor or has someone dropped their beetroot? #auspol

First WA, now Vic Nats : Barnaby has to go. #auspol…

Please stay please stay... I want Shorten to win by 25 seats or more don't do it Nats .. don't do it 🤣 #auspol #BarnabyJoyce

Good coverage of @Nationals Spring Training at @BPPalmBeaches by @MlinaresDC & @nbcwashington. Go #Nats 🔥

#nefesimyok finally pölüm 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Do the Nats look under rocks for their candidates?

Involving @theSNP in #brexit discussions is like inviting Guy Fawkes for supper at the Houses of Parliament. Scot Nats want to break-up Britain, they're 5th columnists and only a minority in Scotland.

Yesterday was Bruce birthday😊💗 #superbat #batfamily

Gidenin de kalanın da gönlü hoş olsun,vesselam..

Happy 16💕✨