#MySiblingsTaughtMe not to go in the backyard when they are playing football.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe the game "truth or dare," is basically just to dare you into doing something they can tell on you for

#MySiblingsTaughtMe nicknames are cool

#MySiblingsTaughtMe biting can help you escape a headlock.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe if Mum has a bad cosplay idea, at least we're in it together.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to run in a serpentine zig-zag pattern to escape.

I'm a childless loser, but #MySiblingsTaughtMe how to be the cool uncle.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe you can win any argument by yelling.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe that boys are gross and will masturbate anywhere.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe ...that anything can give you the giggles at the dinner table...and that always made mom mad... and us giggle harder 😂

#MySiblingsTaughtMe I was an only child and still wasn't my parents favorite. They liked my cousins more than me

#MySiblingsTaughtMe that it’s best to be on Twitter and not Facebook.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe to expect the unexpected

#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to spy on “Santa” leaving presents out.. the year I saw my parents being Santa, I was devastated !

#MySiblingsTaughtMe all about blackmail.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to love, how to hate, how to share, how to give, how to take, how to laugh and how to cry.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe how awesome I am by comparison.

#MySiblingsTaughtMe when they say “I won’t tell on you” it really means “I’m going to tell on you”

#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to blame everything on the youngest child