Jayson Werth newest twin lol

Jayson Werth looks fine.

There’s a Jayson Werth -shaped hole in the Nationals’ locker room

The Nationals are about to start playing games tomorrow and Jayson Werth is nowhere to be seen. It’s kind of weird.…

DeLainee is Jayson Werth biggest fan and bff

Any love out there for Jayson Werth ? RT & follow, winner later today. #phillies

... and where is #JaysonWerth playing this year? Has he retired? Is he at the unsigned free-agent camp?

@ToddZolecki Jayson Werth is your favorite player. Nothing makes you more mad when Phillies Phans Boo him. LoL!

Others who are likely to land at least a part-time role ... 1B Mike Napoli 1B Lucas Duda 1B Adam Lind 1B Mark Reynolds 2B/3B Brandon Phillips 3B Yunel Escobar SS J.J. Hardy INF/OF Danny Valencia OF Seth Smith OF Jose Bautista OF Andre Ethier OF Jayson Werth

Funny how when Mike Rizzo and the #Nats signed Jayson Werth in 2011 they were crushed for it and now the #Padres are being praised by all for the Hosmer deal. Human analytics and changing the culture is cool now after JW showed its benefits....

"Maybe Hosmer's move is a Jayson Werth type - going in for the long run with a team that's a couple years away!" @mattklingmedia on Hosmer's 8 year deal with San Diego

I am going to make a prediction. Jayson Werth gets signed by a team in the next 48 hours!

Some spring training locker news: Ryan Zimmerman has taken Jayson Werth 's locker. Werth's No. 28 remains available.

is anyone else going to mention that Shawn Kelley transformed into Jayson Werth during the offseason?

Feinstein: #Nats will be better in October without Jayson Werth in clubhouse.

Tie between Tom Niedenfuer, Pete Mikkelsen, Jason Grabowski, Jayson Werth (hate a guy who gets good after leaving the #Dodgers), SVS, Chris Hatcher, Eugenio Velez, Jose Offerman (#Oops) and Dave Goltz.

They should be announcing the signing of jayson werth anyday now!

Nats will be better this year than last. Getting Eaton back for a full season + starting the year with an elite bullpen, big upgrades from last season. Nothing but love for Jayson Werth but Eaton in LF is a massive upgrade

@MLBNetwork @MLBHotStove any team would benefit from a Jayson Werth signing great mentor and leader not to mention wonderful to his fans DeLainee after heart surgery his biggest one

Dusty put Jayson Werth in RF when he came back from his foot injury, instead of in LF. He tossed the batting order for Sept in the air like it was spring training, instead of getting the team in a groove. Most confusing.