Jayson Werth's Bear 

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I'm Jayson Werth's Bear. That should be obvious, even to someone not trained at a fine Ivy League University.

EffYeah JaysonWerth 

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Helen, co-captain of the #werthgirls, communications pro, and aspiring baseball mom. No official ties with the player.

Jayson Werth Gnome 

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Proud to be the official gnome of the Washington Nationals. Run by @bencelestino

Kara Rowland 

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Recovering political journalist. New to Denver. UVA & London School of Economics alum. Regular tweets involve cats, craft beer, politics & Jayson Werth.


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fan of the Oakland A’s, William F Buckley, Buckley the dachshund, and Jayson Werth.


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wife mom of 5 @DeLaineeSki28 with Jayson Werth! #GoNats #AutismAwareness GFCF diet, CPVT rare heart disorder

Asher Allen 

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son, brother, grandson, nephew, Jayson Werth impersonator

Jayson Werth Stats 

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Jayson Werth stats and live game updates by StatSheet ( Get Twitter updates on every MLB team and player.

Jayson Werth's Hair 

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People have been talking about me as much as they have @jwerthsbeard lately, so I figured I should make an appearance. Don't make this more than it is.

Jayson Werth 

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Outfielder for the Washington Nationals.

Jayson Werth's Eyes 

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All things Nats, Caps, Redskins, and Terps

Jayson Werth 

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SHS '18 | Proud clarinet and saxophone player of the SHS Mustang Band. Band is life. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport.

Jayson Werth's Wrist 

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I break, It's what I do....

Jayson Werth 

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Leo's Revenant inspiration.

Jayson Werth Gnome 

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Jayson Werth 

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Jayson Werth's Gnome 

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Ladies want me... and men want to be me. My beard is known all around the world to all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls. Nothing but #NATITUDE

Carl Jayson Werth Jr 

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jayson werth 

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