Toby and Annalise >>>>>

Yep @LoveIsOWN is a HIT!!! I loved every minute!!

If I had the wardrobes of Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope y'all wouldn't be able to tell me anything at allllllll

Oy vey.

I always need people to be straight up and direct with me. Most things go over my head and I’m lost on a daily basis 🤷🏽‍♀️

@bosrainbowproj it turned out beautiful last night!

Please don’t let the twittersphere take away your ability to form your own opinions. Thx.

->@ChadLivengood and @KirkPinhoCDB on @Ford's celebration today: Execs liken #MichiganCentralStation rehab to the Highland Park and Rouge plants Henry Ford built…

Bill Ford Jr. outlines plan to renovate #MichiganCentralStation's grand hall for local shops, local restaurants, entrepreneur space. "modern workspace," environmentally friendly, above. More on @Ford plans, renderings here:…

If Colombia wins tomorrow I’m shooting my shot

the goal this semester is to find true life long college friends and do brunches and stuff and hang out when we’re not working and all that other cute friend stuff. i just long for a positive circle

since everything is streaming you never see album credits anymore so here’s the ones for IYRTILY: • all songs produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, written, and performed by MILKK • cover photo by annalise holmes • major hype by you keep the club tight x

Örnek : @memetsimsek in eski eşi Annalise

Kendilerine baksınlar MEHMET ŞİMŞEK İNGİLİZ VATANDAŞI İLK EŞİ İNGİLİZ annalise salak bunlar ya geri zekalılar ayıptır eş NAMUSTUR ŞEREFTİR burdan vurulurmu bugüne kadar mehmet şimşek için bir şey denildimi dil uzatıldımı KARAKTERSİZLER…

Bizim gencligimizde Annalise Keating'ler, June Osbourne'ler yoktu. Bizde Asmalı Konak Bahar falan vardı. Bi nesil ziyan olduk.

My aunt and uncle have been traveling the world since they got married. That is the kind of life I want for me and my future husband

either you're with me or you're in my way.

"I can't be strong all the time." — Annalise Keating

Kok bener:(…

Seeeee Yaaaaaaa. Didi!!